E-Learning Solutions for Organizational Training

In today's highly-competitive business environment, no company wants to be left behind in the race to reach the top. Starting from a well-planned business model to a strong work flow process, an organization has to continuously maintain a high-level of commitment towards its business goals. One would agree that an organization's success largely depends on its workforce and a well-informed and technically sound workforce can be an asset to any organization. Therefore, one witnesses organizations willing to nurture its workforce through regular and advanced trainings, to enhance skills and expertise.

Organizations schedule regular employee trainings, on a weekly or on a monthly basis, depending on the requirement. Earlier, organizational trainings followed the classroom-based teaching method. Though successful, such trainings meant consumption of a large amount of printed material, thus increasing training costs. Another drawback of the classroom-based teaching was that the trainers had to evaluate trainees' assignments manually, which consumed a lot of time of the trainers. With the advent of e learning, the scenario is changing dramatically.

E-learning has several benefits, such as it being less expensive, flexible, self-paced, easily manageable, and consistent. There many companies in the market that provide e learning solutions to corporates. These companies also extend their support for implementing the learning management system (LMS) in the organization. Besides that they help organizations in, assessing the skill-gap analysis of their employees and selecting the apt training modules for their employees. With the help of these e-learning companies, organizations are able to manage all the training needs of their employees without having to increase their budget, meant for trainings. By implementing the learning management system, organizations are able to groom their employees in a better way.

Since every industry functions differently and their training needs vary, the LMS content can be customized, as per the needs of an industry. All that an organization needs to do, is to communicate the e-learning solution provider, with the requirements of the required training modules. These e learning solution providers, with help of their expert content developers, subject matter experts, and instructional designers, develop high-quality content.

Organizations that do not wish to take the burden of maintaining the LMS, have the option of outsourcing to an off-shoring company. By outsourcing, the organizations can reduce their associated training costs by 20-40 percent. However, it is recommended that organizations do a background check on the off-shoring company, prior to outsourcing any work to them. The past clientele, quality of the content, and turn-around-time could be a good indicator for considering any off-shoring company.

Article Source: Gireesh_K._Sharma


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